The story ofNutraLinea

NutraLinea is part of the BioClin group. BioClin is a Dutch innovation company established in Delft. BioClin develops and produces self-care products sold in pharmacies and drugstores in more than 50 countries worldwide. The company was founded in 1989 by Dr. Annelize Goedbloed (1939, Medical Biologist) and Mr. Floris Koumans (1967, Strategic Management). All BioClin products are based on natural ingredients, the effectiveness of which is substantiated with registrations, patents and clinical studies.

Our products are developed thanks to a collaboration between BioClin’s specialists and our dietitians and nutrition experts. So it isn’t strange that the power of our products lies in the unique formulas created using the knowledge of NutraLinea and BioClin’s scientists.

In 2014, the first NutraLinea products were launched in Germany in collaboration with television and fitness personality Barbara Klein. NutraLinea now has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers in Germany, and we are introducing our products in the Netherlands.


NutraLinea over the years

  • 2013: NutraLinea is founded in collaboration with television and fitness personality Barbara Klein.
  • 2014: Sales start in Germany and new products are developed.
  • 2015: More than 750,000 products sold!
  • 2017: We reach a new milestone: 2,000,000 products sold!
  • 2018: NutraLinea starts selling products in the Netherlands.

High quality

We help people be their best selves. No unbelievable solutions or miracles, but small steps that demonstrably help you make progress. Our products are developed by dietitians and nutrition experts, which makes them safe to use as daily supplements, without much effort.

The essential nutrients in our Ultra Nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements, have a scientifically proven effect on specific aspects of your health. We source these from vegetables, fruit, algae, seeds, herbs or plants, for instance, and they are combined in unique scientific formulas to further strengthen their effects.

Personal advice

We believe in personal contact and expert advice. That’s why deliberately choose to have qualified professionals provide advice on our products. With their knowledge and personal advice, they can add real value for our customers. We support our professionals so they can safely recommend the right products. We do this by providing them with information and training modules.

And it’s because we find personal contact and expert advice so important that our own staff are always here to help you! We love to hear what you have to say and are more than happy to answer your questions.

Ultra Nutrients

Our products are based on Ultra Nutrients: nutrients that we combine in very effective bioavailable formulas. This means that they are easily absorbed by the body and deliver optimal effects.

Our parent company

NutraLinea is part of the successful Dutch company BioClin. BioClin was founded in 1989, and today our products are on the market in more than 50 countries.

We develop and produce medical devices, which means that we are certified according to ISO 13485: the strictest Medical Devices Standard. The same scientists responsible for the BioClin medical devices also develop our unique formulas based on Ultra Nutrients for NutraLinea products.

Meet our science team

drs. Annelize Goedbloed

Science & Technology


The ROI / ADH for minerals and vitamins is based on “survival”. I am fascinated by the question on the quantities needed to have the human body function OPTIMALLY and have been investigating the topic for years.

dr. Paul Kwakman

Research & Clinical studies

Micro Biology

In addition to conducting clinical studies, I am often found at the HU laboratories. Exploring the interaction between bacteria, natural substances, and the human body is a great passion of mine.

Bsc. Roberto van Ginkel

Product development

Nutrition & Dietetics

I am proud that we always opt for nutrients with a high bioavailability. So, you always know for sure that your body can maximize and quickly absorb our ingredients for the best results.

Bsc. Yvonne van Baaren

Product development


I was originally trained in natural medicine and always take this basic principle into our meetings. To find effective formulas with my colleagues from other fields of study, I find a challenge!